Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Ear in the gardens of silence, side streets

voice and typewriter with the archives of chrono-spacial poetry

audio document of live performance, playing archives of chrono-spatial poetry
performance was part of radioCona:ZimaFM
at Pritličje, Ljubljana, Slovenia

special thanks to Udo Noll for reading of a poem and Radio Aporee

Digital synchronicity concretizes spacetime as it folds outside the individual. Assisted by digital spheres, Ear in the gardens of silence, side streets sets up drops of what can be heard outside the human memory, in order to be able to utter them again, repeat them infinitely with the mouth of technology. Not only is it recreating topographical knots and spatial (non-)presence, it also makes time, and with it voice, transfer differently along the riverbeds weaving in myriad curves ... the deep time of bodies.