Monday, 6 July 2015

Silence, searched near the rivers / Tišina, ki jo iščem ob rekah

poetry sonor of river Drava, Maribor, in different seasons and at the same location, of water streams in the forest of Kokedera, Kyoto, cave spring of Studenice and waterfall Skalce, gravel river stream of dry landscape garden Daisen-in, Kyoto, with peacock voices from Pfaueninsel Berlin, suikinkutsu of zen garden Taizoin, Kyoto, with flows of radio reading and Pier Paolo Pasolini at Radio Aporee ... composed through topographic memory of Radio Aporee Maps

close to the flows of water hearing folds with rapture. river writing elusively captures voices. work deals with premonition and auditory hallucination and their interlaced substance with memory.

the piece was composed for exhibition Creativity and Madness? (Ustvarjalnost in norost?) that took place in castle Cmurek, Trate, organized by Museum of Madness, Slovenia, it was played along the yellow colored hallways of the upper (third) floor