Thursday, 30 November 2017

FUCK the POVvERty transmigration# Novi Sad

three bridges
cassette bombs
sunflower seeds, quince and cigarettes on the tables

dreamers, lovers, listeners (click the links below to hear the sound fragments, recorded while in Novi Sad, listen to poetry sonor of the moment)

(())))((()(((())((( getting dark ((()))))((((((( two sleepers ()(((()(())((())) man on the stairs, with tamburitza, rainy afternoon ((()))))))((((()(() yellow plastic bag, moved by river flow, train comes, bridge, walk up the stairs ()))(((()(()((() shallow pool, inner square garden, voices ()))))))(())))((((((( bus 5 )((((((((((((() evening walk, rain, umbrella, listening to drains with raindrops, Novi Sad streets (((((((((()))()() day walk ))()()))))))((((( slow tango (()))( half sleeping, dreaming of ...  ))))))(((((((((((( walking memories, not experienced by myself ))))))))))((((((())))) below, water drops on the side, from above )))))))))))))((((((((( sun goes down slowly, canoe, small river boat, voices ))()))())((() sand dunes, walking ()((()()))(((()(())()((((( long time here, on sand already )))))()))()((( hollow iron objects, decayed by time ((((((((((())))))))))))( there was tiny jet of water coming out of a small hole ... life of its own ((((((((()((((((((( two tankers, fishermen are using them, bridge construction (())))))))((((((((((((()()()(((( water, river Danube flux )))))))))))))))))()()(((((two discussing something, late autumn crickets ))))))))))(((((()(( lower deck, water flow, through metal )(()()((()((()((()())()((()()())() MERCUR 308 ()()((()()))))))))))((((()( graffiti action, washing imaginnation, by NAME: (((()((((((((()(((((( second world war tank, wind, light rain ))()((()((()()((( hydrant )()))(((()()((((( dom vojske srbske (((((()))))))(((()(((( friday afternoon streets ))))((((((()((((((()((()))))))))))))( walk along already empty street market, cloudy atmosphere, light here and there inside the huts, crawler / fishers, kingfisher adds his blue to the green of the river, and his voice (()))()()((()((((()))))) walk along, bridge construction works ))(()()((()((()()()(( sun goes down, traveling voices, skating slowly on the river surface )))))))))))))( oars )((((((((((() crows, along the river shore line at the štrand (((()(((((()((()(((  sleeping, dreaming Danube (())))()((( night walk ))))())(((((

new bridges
golden beams
and she said: fuck the power, fuck the poverty

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