Wednesday, 27 December 2017


Fluxor Beton by OR poiesis, 8-channel soundpiece, Tonšpur Ambasada - Pasaža Glavni trg-Rotovž, Maribor
International Festival of Computer Arts/MFRU 2017 
10. - 17. 10. 2017
In collaboration with GT22 / Tonspur / Kapelica Gallery / Sonoretum

The aural piece of chrono-space sound poetry is a digital trace of the performative field practice of OR poiesis; it is sonography in concrete space, an hommage to the lost time as we knew it before digitalisation. This collection of acoustic haikus is primarily driven by the flow of water, steps in motion and words that listen to the lingering breath. Steps echo throughout space, rhythm echoes mood, speech tangles with the whistling of the wind, words hang and float in the air.

Fluxor beton is based on concrete and the seasons of the year. The author explores the acoustic qualities of motion and space. Steps become instruments for sounding the environment, recording suchness of things, mood and rhythm. The written word was once the model for speaking silence, but in these times, digital instruments for recording, storing and playing back sounds are the tools that produce deaf silence of the speaker.

Thanks to MFRU, GT22, MKC Maribor