scroll book

The Window Book, reading and sound performance with mirror and the scroll book Karl Liebknech str. 11, Berlin
as part of the Free Admission festival, Celje, venue: Spital Chapel
fragments of live radio aporee session, reading the window book (2017_06_05_21_50_17)

Sladkost jutra, visual poetry
fragments of live radio aporee session while typing the pieces
live. writing poem #2 (2016_10_31_18_44_16)

january 13 2017, snowflakes on paper scroll book, crows, wind

october 21 2014, walking the scroll book ”on nothing”, chamber cistern

may 30 2014, winds unfolding scroll book

may 29 2013, unfolded book ”Ljubezen / Love”

february 3 2014, unfolded book ”On nothing”